About Uptown Assets

UPTOWN ASSETS was established in 2017 with the purpose of providing our customers full-service Real Estate Investment, Sales, Leasing, and Consultancy services. In addition, UPTOWN ASSETS also offers excellent Asset Management services.

The high levels of professionalism, ethics, and knowledge of our individual team members ensure that we provide equally high quality service to each of our customers every days, 365 days a year. Our full-time real estate specialists have your interests at heart because we focus on relationships rather than transactions, always ready to represent you in your next real estate transaction.

We actively manage more than 1,000 asset portfolios and provide services to more than 2,000 clients. Moreover, we attentively cater to each client’s needs including but not limited to client care, guidance, and education; with honesty, reliability, and integrity.


Although online and mobile access to real estate information including sales listings, property value estimates, and research tools have become the norm, understanding the market and navigating the process of buying, selling, and leasing is still complex.

Now it is more important than ever to work with a trained real estate professional who has the level of expertise that goes beyond what a mobile app or website can facilitate.

At UPTOWN ASSETS we are proud to offer areas of expertise such as considering current market conditions, market seasonality, competition, and analysis of recent comparable real estate transactions, all of which must be factored into each offer and acceptance strategy.


Uptown Assets 一站式服務

當您購買泰國物業,善後問題或許卻您十分煩惱,例如:驗收樓宇、裝修佈置、安裝家電、出租和租務管理等。Uptown Assets 提供的一站式服務,幫助您輕鬆置業。

(1) 專業物業諮詢及購買

(2) 驗樓和收樓服務
我們提供專業優質驗樓師服務,以確保業主都能獲得最優質的物業驗收服務., 驗樓報告圖文並茂,檢驗的範圍包括地板、磁磚、趟門、門鎖、冷氣、熱水爐、電掣、水喉等。如第一次檢驗有項目出現問題需要翻修,您也可按需要在翻修後進行第二次驗樓。

(3) 裝修和傢俱套餐

(4) 出租
我們擁有地區強大租客網絡,為客戶提供優質的租務代理服務,幫助業主物色優質租客 。 我們會為客戶代發租單及收據,並處理所有相關文書及保存租務紀錄。當客戶與租客發生糾紛,我們能夠即時介入,妥善處理並且可以追收欠租、代繳付物業開支等。

(5) 租務管理
我們的專業團隊隨時為客戶及租戶提供貼心租務管理服務,代客戶處理任何租務上大小繁瑣事務。我們的專業團隊均對處理本地租務問題有豐富經驗,務求令客戶享受到最優質的企業式服務。事項跟進過後,我們會立刻以電郵或手機 向業主發出通知。

UPTOWN ASSETS provides Real Estate Investment, Sales, Leasing, and Consultancy services as well as excellent value-added Asset Management services.

When you buy a Thai property, you may be troubled by the aftermath, such as acceptance of buildings, decoration, installation of appliances, rental and rental management. Uptown Assets provides a one-stop service to meet your need.

(1) Professional property consulting and purchase
Our professional sales team, with experience and authentic knowledge, can help customers find their favorite property. We will also assist clients in preparing documents for home purchases, follow up on remittances, and negotiate with the Government Lands Department and banks to enable clients to successfully complete transactions.

(2) Building inspection and acceptance
We provide professional quality inspector services to ensure that owners can obtain the highest quality property acceptance services. The inspection report is well illustrated. The scope of inspection includes floor, tile, door, door lock, air conditioner, water heater, electricity, pipeline, etc. If the first inspection has problems with the project and needs to be renovated, you can also carry out the second inspection after renovation.

(3) Decoration and furniture package
Our professional team can decorate the home and tailor-made furniture to meet the different needs of the guests. We will arrange for staff to receive goods for customers and supervise the installation process of home appliances, so that even if they are overseas, home appliance installation matters can be handled properly. In addition, we also have a furniture package. Please contact our staff for details.

(4) Leasing
With extensive client’s network, we provide customers with quality rental agency services to help owners find suitable tenants. We will issue rental and receipts for our clients, handle all relevant documents and keep rental records. When a customer has a dispute with a tenant, we are able to intervene immediately, properly handle it and collect the rent arrears and pay for the property.

(5) Rental management
Our professional team is always ready to provide customers and tenants with intimate rental management services, and handle the cumbersome tasks of any rental on behalf of customers. Our professional team has extensive experience in handling local rental issues and is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality corporate services. After the matter has been followed up, we will immediately notify the owner by email or mobile phone.